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Euroguard shutters. For use on commercial vehicles:

Euroguard shutter for use on commercial vehiclesBuilt to your requirements, we offer a design and build service for
your specific needs. We produce quality shutters at a competitive
price to you the customer.

Euroguard shutter types we offer are:

    • Roller shutter
    • Overhead shutter
    • Roof type shutter
    • Double Skin Lath Available

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Curved Lath shutters. For use on premises:

Curved Lath Shutter for use on premisesIdeal for larger openings where security and protection against vandalism are principle considerations.

The basic finish is galvanised steel, but for improved appearance
and to comply with local authority requirements the curved lath shutter can be powder coated. An extensive range of colours are available.

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Euroguard shutter for use on commercial vehicles